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Welcome to Healing Tree Retreats 

A place of peace and natural beauty to stop and clear your mind in a supportive tranquil environment.

We support and care for you at all levels, emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual.

Life is always changing

You can change your life

Changes in our personal circumstances: physical, relationships, emotional or financial can impact our wellbeing. 

Rest, recovery & relaxation

A gift in itself


Stepping out of the hurly-burly of everyday life  can give you a refreshed understanding of yourself

Step back into your life refreshed

Practical skills & stategies

The Healing Tree Retreat Centre provides inspirational therapies, learning, and support to help you.


Classes, Courses & Workshops

Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Relaxation Classes. 
Pre-beginners, beginners & developers all welcome.

Training Courses

Training in Reiki, Shamanism, Therapies, Ceremonies and more.

Private retreats

Our retreats are private events just for you, or you and a friend if you choose to bring one,

so no worries about privacy or sharing with people you don't know...

Click here to see information about retreat costs 

We have many many wonderful therapies and approaches to show you the way to happier living.
Talking therapies, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Yoga, mind management, and much more...


How to get to Healing Tree Retreats Centre

We are accessible by plane, bus, train or by car.

See directions and details here

About Patrick Dillane - Founder ​of Healing Tree Retreats

After many years of searching and many​ adventures plus a few misadventures, I believe I have found my vocation in life. Since about 1998 I have been trying to live a more useful and meaningful life, with an emphasis on spiritual growth and on being of service to others.

 I am focused on informing, training, and upskilling myself, in order to help others. I am at that stage now where I realize that in spite of all the diplomas and certificates essentially I know nothing and that my 'learning' will probably never even scratch the surface of wisdom. I am told that I do have a certain ability with people and for caring for those who are kind enough to come and spend some time with me here in this lovely peaceful place. All attitudes and belief systems have found care and solace here on this little hill.  The Healing Tree Retreats projects and workshops are run on a not-for-profit basis.

Accreditations & Qualifications

1997 - 2022

Dip Psychology • Dip Aromatherapy • Dip Ki Massage • Mastery of Meditation • Crystal Healing

• Therapist Sound Healing Practitioner • NLP Practitioner • Advanced Dip Past Life Regression • Reiki Master • Yoga Siromani (Registered 'Experienced Teacher of Yoga' with Yoga Alliance) • Therapeutic Mindfulness • Mindfulness & Meditation Coach MBCT (Level 1) • Advanced Shamanic Studies • Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner

Kindness & Joy are at the core of our way of being.

        2022 Summer Tour of Healing Tree Retreats

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