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Shamanic Course

What follows is a proposed agenda for our weekends together. Not included will be an invitation to undertake a vision quest, this will be discussed with the facilitators. 

As you will see from our agenda this course is designed to be practical, user-friendly, and comprehensible for students regardless of their spiritual experience or practices. This course will leave you very confident to work as a Shamanic Practitioner.

The elements included are what I found most useful for me in my 20 + years as a practitioner. 

Thank you for considering our course.


FRIDAY  23rd Feb – SUNDAY  25th 

Introduction to the drum, sacred space, creating SS, your first journey to the other realms.  Meeting and greeting power animals, power plants, guides, ancestors, and Intergalactic beings.   Your second journey is to meet and bond with your primary spirit guide.  To meet and greet the relatives.   

Shamanism; a story of what it is and is not. (two wolves)


 FRIDAY 22nd March - SUNDAY 24th 

Review of our work from weekend 1. Energy healing, Ho'oponopono, EFT, the four S’s, deepening your relationship with creator (blessed self), and various other techniques.


FRIDAY April 26th – SUNDAY 28th


FRIDAY May 24th – SUNDAY 26th

Review of our work so far. Medicine bag, medicine bundle, working with sound, working with crystals, smudging, dowsing using rods, pendulum, and fingers. Challenging unfamiliar/unhelpful spirits.

Review of our work so far.  House, land, and people healing, removing toxic unwanted energies, restoring balance. Creating sacred ceremonies; marriage rites, funeral rites, naming rites, reversal of baptizing rite.


FRIDAY Jun 28th – SUNDAY 30th 


FRIDAY 26th July – SUNDAY 28th


FRIDAY Sept. 27th – SUNDAY  29th


FRIDAY 26th October – SUNDAY 28th

Review of our work so far.  Open weekend for you to bring your friends and deepen your practice as a therapist with clients.

Review of our work so far.  Exploring the use of rituals, invoking protection, hair as a sacred object, past life influences (PLRT), the Divine Feminine, womb blessing, womb of transformation, 2 circle protection, cloak protection, vesica piscis, cords, portals.

Review of our work so far.  Deepening your relationship with the seven directions and the five elements.  Learning how to harness and embrace the blessings and protection of the five elements.

Review of work to date and presentation of certificates.

The cost includes Training, Treatments, Handouts, Food, Shared Accommodation for 5 people, and an invitation to engage in a Vision Quest.

The Cost is €1600 structured as follows:

€400 deposit – non-refundable.

Second payment of €400 is due before weekend 5.

The outstanding balance can be paid in a manner that suits (discuss with facilitators)


At the end of the course, you will be a certified Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki II practitioner, and the owner of very magical crystals. Dowsing rods, pendulums, and a new way of being.

You can read here about Patrick.

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