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Shamanism a Gentler way to Grow


This two day program is brought to you by Healing Tree Training

Presented at Pauls Avenue Cork City in the Cork Cancer Care Centre T12W294

                                                This is just a guide to what might well happen on the days, we will work to your strengths and preferences.

Saturday July 23rd: 10am – 4.30pm

* 10am Welcome

* 10.30am Creating sacred space

*10.45 Theory and simple principles of Shamanism

*11am The Medicine wheel (Meeting the Seven Directions)

1pm, we go out to the shopping centre at Paul Street it’s a three minuet walk from the centre.

*2pm Back to the centre and let’s drum off our lunch :)

*2.30 Depending on how our understanding is growing we will journey to create our sacred safe place.

*3.15pm The use of the Pendulum (provided) and dowsing rods (Bring a wire coat hanger with you on the day and we will quickly make rods out of them).

*4pm Closing sacred space, review and questions.

Sunday July 24th: 10am – 4.30pm

*10am Opening sacred space

*10.30am Journey to meet your power animal/s, plant/s

*11.00 Learning the basic Lakota Rhythm’s

* Discussion: Use of Sage & Creating a medicine bag

*Meet the keeper of a crystal

*2pm Shamanic Healing Treatment

*3pm Theory and Principles of our ‘Gentle way’

*4.30 Closing sacred space

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